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CARE USA Calls for the Immediate End to Violence

Photo: Chandra Prasad

Photo: Chandra Prasad

The following statement was released from Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE USA:

“As our reports from Gaza and the West Bank are growing more urgent by the hour, we are joining our colleagues around the world in calling for the immediate cessation of violence between Palestine and Israel. With each missile strike, more and more civilians are caught in the middle. Innocent people are losing their lives, losing their homes, and losing access to water and emergency care.

All parties must respect international humanitarian law, including their obligation to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, and facilitate humanitarian access to those who need life-saving assistance.

We stand in solidarity with our courageous teams on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank, who are doing all they can under extraordinary circumstances to help those most in need, while also caring for their loved ones. Our frontline colleagues are working to provide direct emergency aid, but are facing transportation challenges due to route closures and a myriad of other obstacles.

CARE urges the international community, including the United States, to immediately and urgently ramp up diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the violence. Lives are in the balance.”

Media inquiries please contact:

Rachel Kent
Senior Press Officer, CARE USA
Email: Rachel.Kent@care.org


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