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CARE Welcomes Ceasefire Agreement in Sudan

Statement from Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE

“CARE welcomes news of the seven-day cease-fire and hopes that the cessation of hostilities turns into a sustained peace for the people of Sudan. Already, violence has impacted millions, including those who lost their lives, who fled, or who remained trapped where they live. Moreover, UNHCR estimates that more than 800,000 people may flee Sudan if the fighting continues. With that, a resumption of hostilities will exacerbate the dire humanitarian situation within Sudan and threaten to overwhelm neighboring countries already beset by conflict, food insecurity, and economic instability.

CARE is calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict that spares the people of Sudan further suffering and trauma, and that allows for the unfettered delivery of humanitarian aid within Sudan at the earliest opportunity. Further, we are also calling on the global community to step up support for the wider humanitarian response efforts taking place in neighboring countries to ensure access to food, water, and health services to those fleeing Sudan.”


About CARE

Founded in 1945 with the creation of the CARE Package ®, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE places special focus on working alongside women and girls. Equipped with the proper resources, women and girls have the power to lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty. This year, CARE and partners worked in 111 countries implementing 1,600 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects and initiatives that reached 174,000,000 people.

CARE has been working in communities across Sudan since 1979. Between July to December 2022, CARE in Sudan reached 147,000 people with much-needed health services, 15,900 people with sexual reproductive health support, and 465,400 people with water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

To learn more, visit www.care.org

Media Contact:

Anisa Husain, anisa.husain@care.org 

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