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CARE: WFP’s Nobel Peace Prize is a ‘renewed commitment to multilateralism and global solidarity’



CARE International warmly congratulates their long standing partners the UN World Food Programme (WFP) on winning this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. This signals a renewed commitment to multilateralism and global solidarity, particularly at a time when food systems all over the world are becoming increasingly unjust and broken.

After years of progress, world hunger is growing again. The Covid-19 pandemic is unfolding in a world that is already experiencing a hunger crisis.  One in which 2 billion people—one in every four—do not have reliable access to enough nutritious and safe food. Added to this, the numbers of those facing severe food insecurity could double to 270 million people by the end of this year due to the pandemic.

With women often suffering the most as they eat less to feed their families when food is scarce, urgent attention is required to this intensifying crisis.  Yet funding to support these escalating needs remains critically low.

“In a world where there is enough food for everyone, overcoming hunger still remains one of our biggest global challenges” says CARE Secretary General, Sofia Sprechmann Sineiro. “CARE has worked for decades in partnership with WFP in places such as Somalia, Yemen, Haiti, Iraq and Sudan. We send our warmest thanks and congratulations on this important recognition to our colleagues at WFP”.

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