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Peru Officials Say Country is Facing Highest COVID Death Toll Per Capita in the World

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Photo: Jhorella García Sabrera/CARE

Photo: Jhorella García Sabrera/CARE

Director of CARE Peru, Marilú Martens made the following statement regarding Peruvian officials announcing the country was ranked first in the world for the number of COVID deaths per 100,000:

“It is a hard blow to receive the news that more than 180 thousand people have died in Peru since April 2020, when the pandemic began. The causes that led to this fatal figure must be addressed to reduce the large gaps in the health system. It is time to carry out vaccination processes in all parts of the country to prevent more people in vulnerable conditions from continuing to be affected by the effects of the pandemic. CARE Peru calls for a fair and equitable distribution of vaccines worldwide to stop the endless cycle of COVID-19 throughout the world, and calls on the international community to join our humanitarian aid interventions.”

You can read more about CARE’s campaign for fair and equitable vaccinations here.

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Senior Press Officer


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