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Ukraine Hydroelectric Power Plant Emergency: “Largest Technological Disaster in Europe in Decades”

People with a boat in a flooded street.

Early this morning, the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, in Nova Kakhovka (southern Ukraine), suffered severe damage in what is already being referred to as the largest technological disaster in Europe in decades. Along with the dam itself, the plant’s turbines and generators were destroyed.

The government of Ukraine has issued evacuation orders for high-risk areas. Approximately 80 settlements are located in the flood zone, with residents on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region having been advised to evacuate the area urgently. On the right bank, at least 16,000 people are currently situated in the “critical zone.”

According to local officials, there have been no reported casualties, however the emergency also threatens the region’s food and water supply, in addition to the ecosystem of Crimea and the Black Sea.

CARE partners from the charity organization Vostok-SOS have launched evacuation operations from Kherson to Mykolaiv. Additionally, a CARE Rapid Response team is visiting Kherson to conduct assessments—in coordination with local authorities and partners on the ground—and to provide assistance to the population.

“Together with partners, CARE will ensure that the immediate needs of affected communities are met, delivering essential non-food items, water, and equipment (including generators and water filtration and purification systems) to those who are staying in the Kherson region, as well as to thousands of people who might be displaced as a consequence of the floods,” said Selena Kozakijevic, CARE Ukraine, Area Manager Southern Ukraine.

Editor’s note: CARE spokespeople on the ground in Ukraine are available for interviews. Email anisa.husain@care.org to coordinate.

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