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Ukraine: Looming winter poses double threat as conflict intensifies

Ukraine, November 15, 2023- As heavy shelling and attacks intensify, looming harsh winter conditions, snow and heavy winds present a double threat to the already dire humanitarian situation for people in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of November this year, over 100 towns in Ukraine experience daily shelling. According to the UN, each day approximately six civilians lose their lives and 20 are injured in Ukraine. These figures, as well as the numbers of people becoming internally displaced are expected to rise as this conflict rages on.

“Critical infrastructure such as power plants, logistics warehouses or water supply systems are constantly being destroyed.  The ongoing shelling of frontline cities in the East and South of Ukraine makes it at the same time hard to reach people for humanitarian assistance”, said Selena Kozakijevic,  CARE’s Area Manager for South Ukraine.

A recent UN report showed that in the first 10 months of 2023 there have been at least 37 incidents causing damage to humanitarian facilities, which includes infrastructure crucial for storing and distributing essential aid supplies.  Additionally, at least 14 humanitarian workers have been killed.

Despite these catastrophic conditions, CARE and its partners are preparing for winter, despite the limited resources and the continued destruction of vital humanitarian assets.

“In partnership with national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental agencies, CARE Ukraine actively engages in facilitating access to hard-to-reach areas. Our primary focus lies on delivering essential resources to the local population, including vital items such as thermal underwear, gas heaters, warm blankets, pillows, and solid fuel. Concurrently, our commitment extends to ensuring that emergency services operating in these regions are equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to effectively carry out their responsibilities,” said Fabrice Martin, Country Director at CARE Ukraine.

Martin continues: “We contribute to water utilities by providing submersible pumps and electrical panels, assist emergency services with heating tents and stoves, and conduct repairs in collective centers that serve as initial shelters for individuals displaced from conflict zones. Our approach places a special emphasis on prioritizing safety and security, particularly for vulnerable groups, including women and girls impacted by the ongoing conflict”.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Halyna Bilak, Communications Coordinator, CARE Ukraine via: Halyna.Bilak@care.org

Anisa Husain, CARE US Press Officer via: Anisa.Husain@care.org


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