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Reuters: Aid workers race to contain cholera outbreak in cyclone-hit Mozambique

Reuters quoted Daw Mohamed, CARE humanitarian director, on the cholera outbreak post Cyclone Kenneth. Since May 2, cholera reports have increased five-fold in Mozambique.


The World Economic Forum: A simple step, but a staggering impact.

The World Economic Forum extensively mentioned CARE in a powerful story tackling poverty and inequality in developing nations by empowering women.

5/3/19 Cyclone Fani makes landfall in Odisha also quoted Zia Choudury in an update on Cyclone Fani. "The worst scenario  will see massive destruction of homes, buildings, roads, electric lines, crops and more,”...


The New York Times: Cyclone Fani Hits India: Storm Lashes Coast With Hurricane Strength

The New York Times quoted Zia Choudury, CARE’s country director in Bangladesh about the potential impact of Cyclone Fani on Rohingya refugees. “The densely populated Rohingya...


The Associated Press: India prepares for ‘extremely severe’ Bay of Bengal cyclone

The Associated Press quoted Hillol Sobhan, CARE Bangladesh communications coordinator, about the threat of Cyclone Fani to more than a million Rohingya refugees.


The Guardian: 'Say no to child marriage': Bangladeshi women fight for equality – in pictures

The Guardian featured Hazera Begum, CARE Bangladesh, who started a school to support and ensure that sex workers’ children stay off the streets. Begum understands the...


Foreign Policy: Former U.S. Diplomats Lobby to Stop South Sudan War Crimes Court

ForeignPolicy referenced CARE on the conditions of the South Sudanese people. The South Sudanese government is trying to undermine the peace deal it has committed to through...


FOX News: Cyclone Kenneth roars through Mozambique, kills at least 5

FOX News quoted Marc Nosbach, CARE Mozambique country director, about the fear of flooding and mudslides in Mozambique. "Aside from storm damage, the greatest risk will...


ABC News: Celebrities express support for UN resolution on rape being a weapon of war

ABC interviewed Sheba Crocker, CARE USA’s vice president for humanitarian policy and practice, during a segment about the UN security council’s resolution on sexual...


The New York Times: Cyclone Kenneth Lashes Mozambique, With Floods Feared

The New York Times quoted Saul Butters, CARE Mozambique’s assistant country director, in a story about the impact of cyclone Kenneth in storm-ravaged Mozambique.