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CARE Knows How to Beat Poverty with Donuts

If you want to understand one of the best new ideas for fighting global poverty, an excellent place to start is Biti Rose Nasoni in the southern African nation of Malawi.

CARE in the News: Cyclone Pam Coverage

CARE served as a great resource to media covering Cyclone Pam that devastated the Pacific island of Vanuatu in March.

CARE in the News: March

On Mar. 24, CNN published an article written by CARE President and CEO Helene Gayle titled, “Give women credit for work to strengthen families”.

Helene Gayle &Transition in the Corner Office

In March 2015, Helene D. Gayle, president and CEO of CARE, announced she would step down from CARE at the end of June to become the inaugural CEO of a new global nonprofit of...