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Women on the Move


Women on the Move aims to economically and socially empower 8 million women and girls through the power of savings groups.


Women on the Move is a CARE regional strategy launched in 2016 that mobilizes savings groups in West Africa, which serve as a platform for women and girls to assert their basic rights. In 2019, Women on the Move refocused its work to support the power of women’s collective voice as a formidable means of asserting women’s rights and influencing social transformation at the family, community, and national levels.


Women on the Move aims to economically and socially empower 8 million women and girls by:

  • Increasing the number of women and girls joining savings groups in West Africa and, in turn, expanding their social and economic opportunities.
  • Multiplying impact by influencing policy change.
  • Multiplying the impact of savings groups, whose collective voice and action will help change laws, norms, and harmful gender-specific practices at local, national, and regional levels.

645,000 women and girls in West Africa joined savings groups.

CARE has positively affected approximately 2.7 million people in Niger, Mali, and Ghana.

The importance of Women on the Move

CARE makes up one-third of all savings group implementers’ reach in West Africa. In Niger and Mali, VSLAs have linked themselves together through networks and federations to provide group members with greater opportunity to advocate on issues that women face.


Women on the Move Annual Report 2019

This report assesses CARE’s progress on this Impact Growth Strategy to date and shares success stories and challenges going forward.

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Women on the Move Impact Report 2019

CARE’s experience shows that savings groups enable women to begin accessing financial services in the informal sector.

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Political consciousness, leadership and collective action in the Mata Masu Dubara structures in Niger

This report presents the results of research conducted in Niger on the political power of the Mata Masu Dubara (Village Savings and Loan Associations) in Niger.

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