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United States of America

CARE's U.S. programs leverage a network of local partners to empower underserved women and families in response to natural and humanitarian emergencies and long-term economic and food insecurity.

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CARE’s work in the United States

In CARE’s decades of work abroad, local expertise is central to effectively empowering vulnerable residents. Accordingly, CARE’s domestic work leverages a network of trusted local partners to respond to natural and humanitarian emergencies and provide long-term economic and food security. Through the network, CARE (1) focuses on women and vulnerable communities of color – who are disproportionately impacted by emergencies and systemic inequality – and (2) leverages its global experience by innovating proven solutions from abroad here at home.

To date, CARE has worked with partners to provide cash, food, housing, and jobs in the wake of emergencies. We have also worked to reduce long-term food insecurity with regular food delivery in major markets around the country. And, we have piloted savings and loans groups with women entrepreneurs. To date, our work has stretched from California to the Midwest to the Gulf Coast.

U.S. Programs and Initiatives

CARE Package Relief

Working with local partners to close the gender and race gap in humanitarian and emergency response.

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CARE Package Cash

A short-term influx of cash can make a meaningful difference in the lives of families struggling to survive from the economic impact of a protracted crisis or from the shock of a natural disaster.

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Community Trust

Empowering women microentrepreneurs by creating pathways to economic stability and financial education for BIPOC communities in the United States.

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Global Innovation Hub

In 2019, CARE USA launched the CARE Global Innovation Hub at our Atlanta headquarters.

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