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CARE Package Cash


Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), one of the most effective, efficient, and dignified ways to provide crisis assistance, has been used across the world with powerful results. Now, in the United States, CARE is committed to providing cash and voucher assistance as an immediate, effective, lifesaving response to emergencies caused by natural and humanitarian disasters.

With over $1.7M distributed, the CARE Package Cash program ensures underserved women and families have the power and flexibility to buy things they need most during a crisis and ensures they do not fall into deeper, long-term financial hardship. Globally, cash assistance has proved to be a more effective, efficient and transparent means of relief, yet it is still underutilized in the U.S. Each year, CARE reaches more than 2 million people globally with cash assistance.

Providing Cash Assistance in the U.S.

Emergency Relief

Through our CARE Network partners, CARE has distributed $381,450 in direct cash assistance to support 746 families in communities affected by the severe weather crises across six emergency response efforts. These efforts include responding to the Houston 2021 Ice Storm, Kentucky and Arkansas Tornado in 2021, Hurricane Ian, The Mississippi Tornado in 2023, The Arkansas tornado in 2023 and Hurricane Idalia.

Refugee Cash Program

CARE provided $804,250 in direct cash assistance to support 817 refugee families relocating to the U.S.

CARE’s Cash and Voucher Assistance Work in the United States

COVID Response

In 2020, CARE launched its first U.S. cash transfer program that distributed over 22,000 cash cards to frontline workers impacted by COVID.

Atlanta Cash Program

CARE provided over $200,000 in direct cash assistance to support more than 450 low-income families with school-age children through CHRIS 180 and Purpose Built Schools.