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Community Trust


Empowering women microentrepreneurs by creating pathways to economic stability and financial education for BIPOC communities.


Economic insecurity continues to harm BIPOC communities in the United States. According to the 2022 U.S. Census, American Indian and Alaska Native communities have the highest poverty rate at 24.3%, while Black communities have the second highest at 19.5%. Hispanic communities of any race have the third highest rate at 17.0%, and white and Asian communities have the lowest at 8.1%. For families with a female head of household, the poverty rate was at 23.4%, compared to a poverty rate of 11.4% for families with a male head of household.

1 in 4 Americans are without a bank account or underbanked

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

63% of Americans wouldn't be able to cover a $500 emergency


Based on the proven success of our pioneering microsavings approach worldwide (Village Savings and Loan Associations), CARE launched the “Community Trust” pilot in Atlanta in late 2019. The goal: improve the lives and futures of people in need by helping them save more and reduce their dependence on harmful payday loans. In October 2021, we took our findings from the pilot and moved the program into a proof-of-concept phase with the goal of creating additional savings groups in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and Louisville.

To date, we have 14 groups that have collectively saved over $20,000.

The future of CARE Community Trusts

Our local community partner networks are essential to making sure this program grows and succeeds. Equally important as making the right network connections is thoughtfully and intently connecting with the right savings group participants. Our goal is to evolve in ways that make effective savings programs available to anyone living in the U.S. struggling to become financially stable.

Through local partners who have expertise in community savings, financial literacy, and business management, the next phase of this program will focus on BIPOC microentrepreneurs. CARE’s local partners will provide a social justice-oriented approach to both women’s empowerment and poverty elimination. Our model is intended to provide these microentrepreneurs with access to new markets and business resources they have historically been excluded from.

Community Savings & Loan Associations

In 2021, CARE launched Community Savings & Loan Associations in Atlanta. In this video, hear from participants from our first group.

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