We work to stay on the cutting edge of gender transformative programming, and are always piloting new ideas and programs.  We have innovative research in what works best to end child marriage, how to hold governments accountable to their promises, how to measure change, and many other areas. Check out our newest work below.

Applying Theory to Practice: CARE’s Journey Piloting Social Norms Measures for Gender Programming

Beginning in 2014, a small team across CARE came together to develop and pilot new measures for social norms through an iterative learning process across three pilot sites in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. This report shares experience and learning on translating social norms theory into practical measurement tools for development programming, featuring the use of CARE’s Social Norms Analysis Plot (SNAP), a new framework developed to measure if and how norms are changing; qualitative vignettes; and survey questions.

Social Norms

We know long-term change comes from the community level, when people decide they are going to do something differently, and get support from their friends, family, government, and partners like CARE.  We are conducting innovative research on social norms change in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

Engaging Men and Boys

Poverty is directly connected to gender inequality. Men and boys in the communities where we work increasingly understand this and are vital partners in our programs to empower girls and women. The communities where men and boys are most actively engaged in our work, real and lasting change is more likely to take hold; change that benefits everyone.

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point initiative addresses child marriage through a dynamic process of innovation, insight, and influence through advocacy. The project focuses on facilitating and learning from innovative strategies to influence change-makers and root causes of child marriage in Nepal and Bangladesh, two child marriage hotspots.


CARE connects local voices to global platforms to encourage policy change, and to hold governments accountable to the policies they have already passed.  Our innovative strategies focus on getting real impact on the ground.