Our Experts

Doris Bartel

The Director of Gender and Empowerment, Doris has led research and programmatic initiatives on gender integration as well as programming to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. She is a reproductive health specialist with over 20 years of clinical services, research and public health interventions in Africa, South and Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Theresa Hwang

The Gender Director, Theresa brings over 12 years of experience in international development with a focus on women’s empowerment and social justice, and social movements. She provides strategic guidance for integrating gender into program design, implementation, and evaluation. She designs and facilitates trainings on gender equity and diversity.

Erin Kennedy

Erin is the Sr. Advisor for Advocacy and Partnership at the Gender and Empowerment team at CARE USA, where she oversees the unit’s work on advocacy, representation and partnership. Erin is an experienced and well-known advocate on gender equality and girls’ rights. Erin is also the Co-Chair of GNB USA, the US partnership to end child marriage. 

Carol Boender

Carol Boender is Project Director of the Tipping Point project of CARE US, CARE Bangladesh, and CARE Nepal. Tipping Point is a multi-year child marriage prevention initiative that seeks to build evidence for what works to change social norms, implement existing policies, and ultimately reduce child marriage.