Women's Empowerment


Rebuilding a life from the ashes

"They came with their gasoline and their matches."



CARE Welcomes Introduction of the International Violence Against Women Act

Bipartisan bill will ensure that gender-based violence is a top U.S. foreign policy priority


Sen Shows How Empowering Women Benefits Everyone

Feeling inferior. Being ignored. Having limited control over decisions in her family. This was the situation Sen, 31, experienced every day.


Improved Livelihood for Young Rural Women in Cambodia

Women like Srey Eng, 20, who come from rural Cambodian farming families typically drop out of school early to help their families, all the while struggling to improve upon the traditional farming practices of their parents.


From Laborer to Leader: How Two Years of Training has Transformed Khen's Life

Khen, 25, used to earn money working as a laborer near her rural village in Cambodia. Her pay was based on available work, which was sporadic at best. She'd even contemplated migrating to look for a job.


Escaping Violence in South Sudan, Women's Groups Offer Support

Since violence erupted in South Sudan in 2016, the number of people who have fled to safety in Uganda has exceeded one million.


If you educate a girl you educate a whole nation.

Fatima, 25, is a volunteer for CARE International in Yemen.


“Slaves in a Body": Gender Injustice in Democratic Republic of Congo

“You women and girls are inferior human beings. This is God’s will and nothing can be done to change that," an old man in the Democratic Republic of Congo recently said to me.