CARE for Moms: Economic Empowerment

VSLAs & Market Access

Village Savings & Loans Associations

In 1991 in a poor village in southern Niger, CARE discovered a way to harness the ancient practice of group savings and create a sustainable system of home-grown microfinance. In the years since then, we have helped establish more than 150,000 groups in 26 African countries, serving nearly 3.8 million members.

CARE’s Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) are built entirely on member savings and interest from loans; they receive no direct capital investment from CARE. However, their members do receive a year of intensive training from CARE in group dynamics and governance and in money management. This training enables the groups to become self-supporting, to flourish and even to establish and train other groups.

Market Access

The rural poor need access to the agricultural inputs and services they need to increase their harvests. They need access to buyers to sell their crops at fair prices. And they need access to products, services like healthcare and education, and household goods to provide their families with the lives they deserve.

CARE is leading a movement to better respond to these needs. We’re helping not only to build the skills of poor farmers, but creating more inclusive markets and strengthening the links between poor people and the businesses they need in order to improve their lives and escape poverty.

CARE + Women + Cows = Success!

CARE started a program "Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain" in Northern Bangladesh where gender discrimination limited women's freedom. 

Behind the Veil

After the death of her husband, Agri received the training she needed to start her own business and provide for her family.

Naomi, a Champion Mother

Naomi lives in central Malawi. Here we say women like Naomi are born with a "man’s heart." She overcame much adversity in her life and uses that horrible situation to inspire others around her.

Every Step Forward Is a Reward

Learn how Line, 29 learnt new agricultural techniques to provide for her family.