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Maternal and child survival. Water access. Family planning. HIV and AIDS education. Our community-centric health programs are critical to lifting families out of poverty.


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Reaching New Heights

In Bangladesh, the numbers were astounding. And baffling.

“Stunting,” a measure of the shortfall in a child’s growth due to chronic malnutrition, had plummeted at nearly twice the rate of the typical food security program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Compounding the surprise: These children were growing taller in the poorest parts of Bangladesh. 

Certainly part of the explanation was in the comprehensive nature of SHOUHARDO, a $126 million USAID program implemented by CARE in partnership with the government of Bangladesh. 

The wide array of interventions under SHOUHARDO included maternal and child health and nutrition, sanitation, homestead food production and income generation. 

But another force had the greatest impact on malnutrition. The game-changer? Women's empowerment.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

When women and their partners have access to family planning information and services, everyone benefits. Maternal mortality rates drop, children are healthier and incomes rise

Child Survival

Each year, almost seven million children under age five die due to malnutrition, poor maternal health and diseases like malaria. We train health workers, educate parents and distribute needed supplies to keep children healthy.


Water can change lives. Because our work helping communities access clean water and sanitation isn’t just about reducing the risks of illness. It also saves time that can instead be spent on activities that improve livelihoods.


More than seven million HIV+ people have no access to treatment — and half of all new infections occur among women. We offer education, support, treatment and prevention services to combat the pandemic and help affected families.

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Surviving Childbirth: A Community Effort

In Afghanistan, one out of every 11 mothers dies during pregnancy or childbirth — and the odds of their babies surviving are not much better.

Watch how CARE is training community educators to help mothers and their babies stay healthy.


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