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CARE's 75th Anniversary

In May 2021, CARE marks its 75th anniversary.

Four adults and three children huddle around a large CARE Package with canned goods stacked around it.

In 1945, as the world began to heal from the devastation of World War II, an inspired group of Americans sought to alleviate suffering.

In the end, more than 100 million CARE Packages were delivered to families in need across Europe. 

Seven decades on, their simple idea has evolved from a surplus package of U.S. Army rations to a global mission to uplift women and girls and ultimately eradicate poverty in every corner of the earth. 

In May 2021CARE marks its 75th anniversary.

On this exciting occasion, we invite our supporters, our partners, global leaders, elected officials, and you to join us as we reinvigorate our commitment to changing the world. 

We have learned a few simple truths along the way: that women invest in their families and communities; that when disaster strikes, women and girls suffer most; and that when we give women access to dignified work, education, and proper healthcare, we give them the power to lift themselves, their families and their entire communities out of poverty. 

Over the last 75 years CARE has adapted our mission and our techniques, and we plan to do it again as we address the most pressing issues of the future.

Join Us

At this important moment for CARE—and for the world—we hope you will consider joining us. Your voice and your support will help us celebrate 75 years of fighting poverty worldwide and also prepare for the fight ahead.

Circle 75

The Circle 75 is a nationwide network of 75 committed philanthropists who will support CARE’s vision of a world free from extreme poverty by sharing their expertise and investing in CARE’s future.

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City Committees

Join a nationwide network of committees that create a unified force to lead and energize our community around a shared vision of investing in women and girls as a force for change.

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CARE’s 75-Year History: A Timeline

See the highlights below, or view the full timeline.

A large family convenes around a table filled with food items from a CARE Package. Four adults and three children huddle around a large CARE Package with canned goods stacked around it. A large group of men crowd around a truck delivering new CARE Packages. A woman sits at a desk and sews on a sewing machine. A black and white image of a man leaning over and pulling flour out of a food bag. Three Kenyan women wearing green, blue, and orange hold up young plants. A girl wearing bright red and holding a thin rope and digging tool looks at the camera. Behind her is a wide expanse of dirt and sand with a couple of trees. Two teenaged girls wearing dark long-sleeved shirts and white headscarves raise their right hands. A large group of men and women, some sporting CARE canvas tote bags, raise their hands and cheer and smile.
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The original CARE Package® is born. Lincoln and Alice Clark came up with the name - ‘Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe,' so that the initials themselves would also have a meaning – CARE.