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75 Years

Help us send CARE Packages to meet the needs of families facing crisis and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CARE was founded 75 years ago in the wake of World War II to support war survivors with lifesaving food and supplies sent in the world’s first CARE Packages®.

 It was the  very  first moment of CARE.

Join us in celebrating 75 years of the CARE Package.

As we celebrate this milestone, we don’t just celebrate the impact we’ve made; we celebrate the world we aspire to fill with moments of CARE.

Michelle Nunn


For the last 75 years, CARE has been at the forefront of global development, from the very first CARE Packages to long-term solutions to poverty, from emergency response to building community resilience and women and girls’ leadership.

Join us on a journey through our history and a look at how we celebrated this work at our Evening with CARE on May 11th.

The 50s - Guaranteed Delivery

In the early days and months, CARE guaranteed the delivery of CARE Packages, and stopped at nothing to ensure their delivery, even using reindeer in Finland, elephants in Ceylon, camels in Pakistan, and open boats in Greece. Today, CARE’s community-based work ensures local access to programs and services.

May 11, 2021

"Get Here" performed by Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams performs “Get Here,” reflecting the determination of CARE and its partners to work together to find solutions to poverty and injustice around the world.



The 60s - Global Expansion

CARE’s expanding work around the world became so well-known and respected that when U.S. President John F. Kennedy founded the Peace Corps in 1961, he asked CARE to help train the first Peace Corps recruits.


May 11, 2021

"What the World Needs Now" performed by Katharine McPhee-Foster

CARE has helped people around the world reach their full potential, through locally based programs and services. “What the World Needs Now” is a reflection of meeting the needs of others yesterday, today, and tomorrow.



The 80s - Responding to Humanitarian Crisis

CARE is an organization that is deeply committed to the communities they serve. In the 1980s, CARE was there when famine gripped Africa, distributing food and supplies in Ethiopia, and later in Somalia; and responding to conflicts in Asia and Latin America. CARE creates long-term, community-led solutions to poverty, and their attention to humanitarian crises is unwavering. 

May 11, 2021

"Time After Time" performed by Betty Who

CARE still responds to emergencies around the world, rushing food and supplies to the hardest-hit areas, and responding to the needs of a record number of refugees. At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, CARE was there, providing information about prevention, hand-washing stations, and soap. They are also responding to the COVID surge in India, partnering with governments and health systems to staff and supply hospitals nationwide.



The 90s - Savings Groups start Changing Lives

In the early nineties, women in local communities in West Africa had begun organizing themselves. CARE noticed that women in local communities in West Africa had begun organizing themselves into savings groups, pooling funds together, and making small business loans to one another. Working together, CARE and local communities scaled the program across the continent and on to others. Today, there are 8.4 million CARE Village Savings and Loan Association members. They save an average of $2.3 billion annually.

Savings Groups Respond to COVID-19

When COVID-19 broke out, Savings Group members worked in their local communities to educate people about COVID prevention behaviors, relied on their savings to feed their families, and changed their business models to stay safe while meeting local demands.



The 2000s - Women and Girls in Focus

In 2005, CARE made a game-changing decision to focus on women and girls’ empowerment, recognizing that women are the key to creating change and defeating poverty not only in their families, but their communities, and their nations. CARE was one of the first organizations to adopt a focus on women and girls. Today, many others have followed their lead.


May 11, 2021

Jewel performs "No More Tears"

CARE put women and girls at the center of its work more than a decade ago. Since then, CARE’s programs focus on women’s economic empowerment, education, health and rights, and leadership. Overcoming adversity is at the heart of Jewel’s performance of “No More Tears.”




The 2010s - Advocacy is Critical

For decades, CARE’s advocacy efforts have focused on uplifting those in the greatest need, especially women and girls, who suffer most in times of crisis. CARE advocates lobby their members of Congress to support bills like Safe from the Start and the Global Food Security Act, to preserve the U.S. foreign assistance budget and support the rights of women workers.

May 11, 2021

Re-launch of the CARE Package

Today, CARE has re-launched the CARE Package to send relief to those who need it most, around the world and here at home. CARE is also advocating for the fast and fair distribution of COVID vaccines in hard-to-reach places around the world and is supporting the global public health response to COVID-19, including in India.

On May 11, our Evening with CARE featured pre-recorded remarks by President Joe Biden on the re-launched CARE Package.



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