Corporate Partners

We Take a Multi-Asset Approach

CARE builds corporate partnerships that are comprehensive and flexible. 

Featured Partnership: Join My Village

Together, we’re helping girls & women succeed and strengthen their communities.

Featured Partnership: Teavana

CARE is proud to be at Teavana locations in the United States and Canada.

Partnering With CARE Brings Impact

We believe that dynamic partnerships with corporations are essential to solving complex global challenges. Using our multi-asset approach, CARE works closely with corporations to identify strategic partnerships that achieve results in the fight against poverty while enhancing business goals and engaging both employees and consumers. Together, CARE and our corporate partners are helping to build a world where all people can live in dignity and security. 

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Our Partners Are Leaders

CARE is proud to partner with leading U.S. corporations.

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Connecting With Consumers

Consumers respond to great causes like CARE.

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Engaging Your Employees

CARE can create dynamic opportunities for your employees.

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Join My Village

Learn about an innovative online approach that supports CARE’s work.

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Products That Support CARE

Consumers can also support CARE with our corporate partners.

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