Walk In Her Shoes

Walk In Her Shoes 2018

Did you miss the Atlanta Flagship Walk in Historic Fourth Ward Park? Check out a few highlights from the walk here. 

She Dreams of a Better Life

Walk in Her Shoes 2018 was a truly global fundraising event. During the month of March, teams of walkers and fundraisers joined CARE in solidarity and in raising funds on six continents. Together we raised over $250,000 - money that helps fund CARE’s poverty fighting programs that create opportunities for economic advancement in more than 90 countries.

Even though the month is over, you can still raise awareness and work together to help women and girls escape poverty, receive the food and water they need to be healthy, to have the power to live a life free of violence and to go to school so they can live their lives to their full potential. You can still donate funds to CARE any time using the DONATE tab above. 

Lyrian's Walk in Malawi

CARE Staffer Lyrian goes to Malawi to Walk in Her Shoes

Rwanda Walks in Her Shoes

Check out CARE International in Rwanda's Walk in Her Shoes event from 2017.

"She" is Roida

Roida, 10, and her family fled violence near their home in a small village in Myanmar. She now lives in a shelter within the Balukhali camp with her mother, father and her three siblings. Her brother Abdu — who has a wife and young baby — also share the tent.

"She" is Mary

Mary walked for 10 days to Uganda’s Impevi settlement, escaping conflict in South Sudan. With both worry and relief in her eyes, she sits on the ground of a large tent surrounded by a small flock of children and the few belongings they could carry. She brought eight children to the settlement with her — two of her own and six others.

"She" is Gloria

Gloria’s mornings in Malawi start first thing in the morning with her chores. After they are complete, Gloria walks to Khola Secondary School. As a day scholar, rather than a boarding student, Gloria must avoid unruly boys and men who harass her during her walk.

"She" is Aminah

The closest water well to Aladiediah in Yemen was six miles. That is how far Aminah would walk every day just to get water, not to mention bringing it all the way back. As is the case in most rural areas in Yemen — and throughout the developing world — women are responsible for meeting their household’s water needs.

Atlanta’s 2018 Flagship Event

Watch the highlights video from the 2018 Flagship Walk in Atlanta. 

Your Donations At Work

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