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Midwest Committee for CARE

Chicago skyline, a field in Kansas, Minneapolis skyline

As we commemorate CARE’s 75th anniversary in 2020, we see a unique opportunity to engage our community in Chicago, Minneapolis and across the Midwest and expand our capacity to impact some of the most significant issues of our time, from climate change to the global refugee crisis.

The Midwest is home to an extraordinary wealth of talent— from designers to tech entrepreneurs, academics to farmers. As CARE both celebrates its legacy of 75 years as a humanitarian leader and looks to the future, we are convening a diverse and dynamic group of passionate individuals across the Midwest to work with us to defeat poverty, respond to humanitarian crises, and create a world where all people live with dignity and security.


Jill and Brad Gordon*

John Herr and Kathy Doyle

Sister Julia Huiskamp


Debicki Foundation

Douglas L. Rogers

David and Christina Whippo

Sue and Larry Yellen*

Joe and Rose Wernicke

Frank Babka

Clifford Hansen

Joshua Klayman

Jennifer Cole

Steve and Kathy Coleman

Susan Crown*

Susan Hassan

Mary M. Hasten and Brien O’Brien

Kenneth and Lucy Lehman

Una Osili*

Tim Smith and Karen Miller

Jack and Barbara Reis

Dan and Pam Sargent

Mr. John Eckfeldt & Ms. Nancy Shultz

*Honorary members


If you’re interested in learning more about the Midwest Committee for CARE, please reach out to us by email at Nashmeen.Moslehuddin@care.org or by phone at 312-929-8901.