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National Committee

Join a nationwide network of supporters who are unified in leading and energizing our community around a shared vision of investing in women and girls as a force for change.

What is the National Committee for CARE?

CARE works in more than 100 countries, reaches over 167 million people each year, and its projects range from emergency response to health, food and water access, climate, women at work, and gender equality programs. Yet, it’s clear that we can and must do more. It is supporters, like you, who will help us define our path forward toward a world where all people can live free from poverty no matter where they are born.

The National Committee for CARE is a nationwide network of members that work as a unified force to lead and energize support around a shared vision of investing in women and girls as a force multiplier for change. Together, the National Committee works shoulder to shoulder with CARE to build relevant, sustainable solutions to defeat poverty, respond to humanitarian crises, ensure social justice and create a world where all people live with dignity and security. They advocate for CARE and the larger international aid community to preserve and build American leadership in fighting global poverty and providing humanitarian aid while lifting up women and girls. As part of our trusted circle of supporters, National Committee members provide the flexible resources to advance CARE’s programmatic work and invests in CARE’s mission and vision.

Why join?

  • Get insider perspectives on global humanitarian issues. Gain an insider perspective on the latest thinking and strategies to disrupt cycles of poverty and effect dramatic advances for equity and sustainability.
  • Lend your expertise to CARE. Committee members lend their unique skills and expertise to strengthen CARE’s ability to implement breakthrough solutions.
  • Amplify your philanthropic impact. Collaborate with national visionaries and changemakers to drive engagement in global issues and bring about a more just world. Join a community of philanthropists committed to raising a unified and urgent voice to meet the greatest challenges of our time.

National Committee for CARE member benefits include intimate and meaningful access to CARE at all levels:

  • Program focused events with CARE leaders in the field 3x/year
  • Social membership event 1x/year in select cities
  • Invitation to travel with CARE to the field each year and to witness the impact of your support firsthand.
  • Access to invitation-only events that feature CARE program experts and special dignitaries.

Membership commitments:

  • Invest in CARE by making an annual commitment of $10,000 or more in flexible capital to support catalytic opportunities and critical needs. (Gifts are fully tax-deductible)
  • Inspire others within your personal and professional networks to join CARE in its fight to end global poverty through participation in committee events and individual outreach.


For more information, contact us at USA.NationalCommittee@care.org