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CARE urges Congress to pass emergency supplemental funding to address COVID-19 and global hunger

(Washington, D.C., April 28, 2022)Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released a request to U.S. Congress for critical funding to address the humanitarian and emergency food impacts of crisis in Ukraine.

The following quote can be attributed to Ritu Sharma, CARE Vice President of US Programs and Policy:

“I welcome the White House’s request to Congress today for critical funding for humanitarian assistance, including emergency food assistance, and its reiteration of its previous request for funds to vaccinate the world against COVID-19. COVID knows no borders and without U.S. investment in vaccinations, therapeutics, and frontline healthcare workers around the world, we continue to risk senseless death, backsliding across global health, development, and humanitarian investments, and economic pressures here at home.

The need for emergency food assistance is also great. Even before war in Ukraine, global food security levels have been rising steadily over the past several years, with an estimated 811 million people currently facing hunger around the globe. Now the need is far greater and these disruptions will impact access to food in East Africa, West Africa/Sahel, and the Middle East and North Africa. I worry in particular for women and girls in these regions, who often eat last and least in crises.

Congress cannot let this moment pass without significant investment. I call on Congress to expeditiously pass emergency supplemental funding that includes $5 billion for COVID-19 and $5 billion for emergency food assistance.”

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