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Addressing Gender-Based Violence

This brief acknowledges CARE's two decades of work in addressing the root causes driving GBV and supporting survivors, and highlights our vision moving forward. CARE’s Vision 2030 Strategy for a shared future puts forward a goal that 50 million people of all genders experience greater gender equality—including eliminating GBV, and increasing women and girls’ voice, leadership and education.


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Ukraine Crisis Update: September 18, 2023

This issue spotlights Dave Gahan and Martin Gore, members of musical group Depeche Mode, who recently partnered with CARE to raise funds on their tour. Plus, a focus on Irina Ozhehova, who recently joined CARE Ukraine as a Rapid Response Officer after volunteering to help people in the region for over a decade. Read More

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CARE Women’s Economic Justice: Impact Report 2023

CARE USA's Women’s Economic Justice (WEJ) Impact Report, “Helping Women Earn, Save and Invest,” provides an overview of WEJ’s accomplishments in advancing economic justice for women worldwide. Featuring innovative programs designed in collaboration with local actors, governments and private sector entities, “Helping Women Earn, Save and Invest” highlights key accomplishments and impact stories. Read More

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Shifting social norms affecting underbanked and unbanked women and girls

This brief shares how gender and social norms approaches are improving the lives of women and girl small-scale producers, drawing on evidence from four countries. These insights were gained through a learning exercise led by CARE’s Go Deeper initiative, in partnership with George Washington University’s Global Capstone Program. Read More

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