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Systems Strengthening in the Education Sector

CARE broadly defines service sector systems strengthening and social accountability as “a gender-transformative, citizen-centered, and rights-based approach to bolster the sustainability of service systems outcomes and to ensure that services are provided in ways that are accountable, equitable, inclusive, and effective." CARE’s service sector systems strengthening and social accountability framework (4SA) has six interdependent building blocks: (1) people and skills, (2) information, negotiation, and accountability, (3) institutional leadership, governance, and coordination, (4) service delivery, infrastructure, and resources, (5) planning and financing, and (6) community and societal norms. Since 2002, CARE has engaged in education systems strengthening in 19 countries across East, Central and Southern Africa, the Middle East and Northern Africa region, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia. This thematic brief elaborates on the work done and results achieved under each of these six building blocks using examples from across the EAE portfolio, including Timor-Leste, Somalia, Cambodia, and India.

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