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A group of women stare at the camera defiantly and raise their fists.

A space for action, resistance, and accountability

Enemy Of The Sun1

by Samih al-Qasim

I may—if you wish—lose my livelihood
I may sell my shirt and bed,
I may work as a stone cutter,
A street sweeper, a porter.

I may clean your stores
Or rummage your garbage for food.

I may lay down hungry,
O enemy of the sun,
I shall not compromise
And to the last pulse in my veins
I shall resist.

You may take the last strip of my land,
Feed my youth to prison cells.

You may plunder my heritage.
You may burn my books, my poems,
Or feed my flesh to the dogs.

You may spread a web of terror
On the roofs of my village,
O enemy of the sun,
I shall not compromise
And to the last pulse in my veins
I shall resist.

You may put out the light in my eyes.
You may deprive me of my mother’s kisses.

You may curse my father, my people.
You may distort my history,
You may deprive my children of a smile
And of life’s necessities.

You may fool my friends with a borrowed face.

You may build walls of hatred around me.

You may glue my eyes to humiliations,
O enemy of the sun,
I shall not compromise
And to the last pulse in my veins
I shall resist.

O enemy of the sun
The decorations are raised at the port,
The ejaculations fill the air,
A glow in the hearts,
And in the horizon
A sail is seen
Challenging the wind
And the depths.

It is Field Marshall Dedan Kamathi (Mau Mau)
Returning home
From the sea of loss.

It is the return of the sun,
Of my exiled ones,
And for her sake and his,
I swear
I shall not compromise
And to the last pulse in my veins
I shall resist,

Resist—and resist.

— Aruri, Naseer Hasan, and Edmund Ghareeb, eds.

Enemy of the Sun. Drum and Spear Press, 1970.



Writing down our private thoughts to prompts is one way of becoming more aware of our place in work or the world.

Questions for Journaling

  • What are the ways that you avoid accountability in your relationships? In your organization?
  • What do reparations mean for international work? What does social justice or decolonization mean in internationally-funded work?
  • How does this relate to common work topics, such as Family Planning, Market-based Approaches, etc.?
  • What kind of future does your giving support?

Listening and Action

The following exercises are intended to generate dialogue and help us learn from others, ultimately spurring action. They can be done alone or in a group.

Homework Assignments

Read the following resources:

While reading these resources, unpack the following questions:

  • What do these lists set out to do? Where do they focus attention?
  • In what ways do they promote accountability? In what ways do they avoid accountability?

Think about the work that you do, your own identity (and that of your organization) and the values you hold. What are some contradictions in this mix? Create three Vent Diagrams to illustrate this.

CARE Tools


Following are some media and movement statements for additional reading and reflection.

Explore resistance poetry in the contexts of where you are from, where you live, and where you work (e.g. “Resisting Canada & the Nakba with Nyla Matuk from The Red Nation podcast, June 2020).

Videos & Podcasts

Zines and Books




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