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Improving Private Sector Competitiveness for Women-Led Small and Growing Businesses (IPS-C)

CARE has been brought on by USAID to lead a gender and social inclusion (GESI) assessment to inform the project’s GESI strategy and design products and services built off of deep insights into women-led small and growing businesses.


The Improving Private Sector Competitiveness project seeks to remove policy, market, and firm-level constraints inhibiting the growth of small and growing businesses, including those owned or led by women and vulnerable populations. CARE is a sub-contractor under this project.


Results will be achieved through the following strategic focus areas.

Building business management capacity

Building management capacity through skills training, tailored technical assistance, and expanded coaching and mentorship networks to improve business efficiency, increase revenue, and help women-led businesses act as sustainable sources of inclusive economic growth and job creation.

Promoting innovation and new business model adoption

Facilitating adoption of innovative technologies and business models that improve competitiveness, spur new solutions, strengthen innovation networks, and improve access to finance.

Enhancing the business enabling environment

Partnering with public sector stakeholders to improve the enabling environment for small and growing businesses (SGBs) by promoting the government’s adoption of methodologies and tools that increase efficiency, improve regulatory effectiveness, increase public-private dialogue, and reduce the compliance burden on businesses.

Strengthening business-to-business linkages

Building capacity of business support organizations and service providers to develop and deliver services that will strengthen SGBs’ advocacy skills, inter-firm cooperation, and access to market, resulting in a more cohesive and functional business services ecosystem.

Expected impacts

By 2025, 5,000 businesses will have received technical assistance to improve performance, translating to a 50% increase in sales revenue and at least 100 firms gaining access to regional or international markets. IPS-C will support 50 service providers to improve the quality of services they provide to businesses.