Made by Women

Dignified Work for Women Garment Workers in Asia

75%* of garment workers globally are women. We want to ensure they are respected at work and their voices are heard.

CARE has the ambitious goal of economically empowering 8 million women garment workers in Asia through dignified work by 2021. Why? Because the garment industry is an important employer in Asia but women workers are disproportionately represented in the most vulnerable, marginalised, low paid and impoverished forms of work in the industry.

CARE has been working with the garment industry in countries across Asia for more than 20 years and we have already had a positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of workers. In Cambodia, CARE’s tools for preventing sexual harassment are helping make workplaces safer for women. In Bangladesh, CARE has helped develop the leadership, communication and negotiation skills of nearly 60,000 women workers in the last decade.

By promoting improved practices in global supply chains, strengthening women’s leadership and working with governments to promote public policies which will positively impact workers, we aim to support meaningful change across the garment industry in Asia.

So what changes do we want to see? We want to ensure workers’ rights are protected so they are safe from violence and exploitation. We want to support women to gain the skills to voice their concerns and work together to improve their situation. We want supply chains to be more transparent so all workers within it are clearly respected and protected.

Learn more about our impact and stories of change in our 2018 Made by Women Impact Report

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