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ILO Convention

ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment

CARE aims to ensure that women are safe, respected and valued in the world of work. Workplace violence and harassment is widespread around the world; no country and no industry is immune. People of all genders suffer, with those that lack power at work being most at risk. Poor and marginalized women are often engaged in precarious jobs where they are particularly exposed to abuse and exploitation with little access to protection, and where they depend on their pay to survive and support their families. Worldwide, as many as one in three women experience violence and harassment at work; in those sectors that employ predominantly women, rates of violence and harassment are even higher.

We supported adoption of the ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment, a global law focused specifically on preventing violence and harassment in the world of work which was formally adopted at the International Labour Conference in June 2019.

Once included in national laws, these new standards will enable millions of women around the world to better speak out about abuse, encourage employers to take action and hold perpetrators to account.

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Our influence

We build alliances and support campaigns alongside our civil society and trade union allies in countries across the globe. In a number of countries across the world, we have evidence that our efforts have influenced support for the Convention among worker, government and employer representatives.

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Ongoing advocacy

Global legislation was the first step. Now we’re continuing to work at national level to encourage ratification and promote alignment with the Convention within national laws.


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