200 million children suffer the effects of malnutrition.

Despite global improvements, malnutrition in the developing world remains high – and in some places, including southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, poor nutrition is on the rise.

Malnutrition affects every stage life and has severe consequences that can impact generations. Malnourished mothers are more likely to die in childbirth and have low birth weight babies. Children born to malnourished mother are at increased risk of disease and death. Chronically malnourished children face lifelong consequences in reduced mental capacity, lower retention in school and reduced lifetime earnings.


Last year, we helped more than 3.6 million children and their family members access child health and nutrition services and information.


When women earn, everyone benefits. Help them get the tools and resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.


Find out what we’re learning about how we can best end malnutrition. 


Working with our partners, CARE uses effective models and approaches to support communities to overcome poverty, social injustice, and humanitarian crises.

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