Nutrition Models

CARE works to empower women in order to improve children’s nutrition, and to get men more involved in child care. All of CARE's programming uses nutrition-sensitive approaches to provide the foundation for good nutrition.  Some programs additionally focus on nutrition-specific grounded in the Lancet nutrition interventions from 2013. These include promoting better nutrition behavior—handwashing, breastfeeding, eating and feeding very young children more nutritious foods. It also means producing more fruits and vegetables and raising small animals at home so families can access the foods they need to stay healthy.

Our Models

Since 2007, CARE’s SDVC has worked with the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gate’s Foundation  to improve dairy farmer’s livelihoods through improved the milk production and collection systems.

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Nutrition Partnerships

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CARE Zambia's Nutrition at the Center program seeks to improve nutrition-related behaviors.

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Nutrition Projects

CARE runs 167 projects to improve nutrition around the world.

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In Ecuador, Doña Juana collects dried beans on her farm. Beans are grown at the base of corn stalks and serve as a trellis for the climbing bean plants.

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Nutrition Publications

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Each month, ENSURE conducts food distribution to communities in Ward 24, Chivi District, Mashingo Province to alleviate food shortages and ensure better nutritional eating amongst the communities.