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CARE RFP Mosquito Nets

Project Summary

CARE is seeking a provider to submit proposals intended for the supply of Mosquito Nets to CARE USA. The goal of this process is to negotiate global agreement and from time to time during the term of this Agreement, CARE Country Officers may request quotes for specific items, quantities, and delivery terms in support of Country Office procurement needs.

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Minimum Requirement & Specs

The contract period is for 3 years.


  • Manufactured from 100% high density or polyester.
  • Mosquito nets long lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN’s) WHO list of pre-qualified vector control product.

A manufacturer or external lab certificate of analysis for each batch is mandatory and should be provided by the supplier.


  • Polyester :100 +/-5% in accordance with ISO 2060
  • Polyethylene :150 +/-5% in accordance with ISO 2060

Bursting strength:

  • Polyester :100 D Min 350 kPa in accordance with ISO 13938-2
  • Polyethylene :150 D Min 350 kPa in accordance with ISO 13938-2

Width: 1900 mm +/-5%

Length: 1800 mm +/-5%

Height: 1500 mm +/-5%

Mesh size: Minimum 130 holes per inch Or Minimum 230 holes per inch

Colour: White or blue

Packaging: Individual packaging

Shape: Rectangular shape with 6 hangers minimum

General quality: No holes, tears and sharp edges, clean finishing.

Bale strapping

Relevant Files

Download the RFP

Please email applications by December 1, 2023 to malek.khenissi@care.org.