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Our Leadership Partners

Meta and CARE have partnered since 2019, focusing on leveraging social media and digital technologies to drive positive social impact.

Over the course of four years, CARE and Meta have jointly executed 60 campaigns in 25 countries, reaching 800 million individuals and influencing attitudes toward vaccine safety and importance among an estimated 10 million people. The collaboration included COVID-related initiatives, as well as other campaigns promoting ante-natal care in Bangladesh and Iraq, advocating healthy nutrition habits in Ghana, and encouraging early childhood immunization in Nigeria. This partnership has yielded invaluable insights into designing locally-led digital campaigns, fostering cross-country collaboration, and implementing creative strategies for social and behavioral change communications (SBCC) campaigns.

With Meta’s support, CARE has developed chatbots in Bangladesh and Nigeria to disseminate information on early childhood immunization. Moreover, other efforts have seen collaboration with Meta’s Reality Labs to explore the potential of emerging VR technologies as a training tool.