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About the CARE Global Leaders Network

CARE Global Leaders Network Vision

For more than 70 years, the United States has led efforts to promote peace, prosperity, and shared values to foster global stability. Born in the ashes of World War II and expressed through initiatives like the Marshall Plan and the first CARE packages, our nation strove to leverage strategic investments in “soft power” to support global security through addressing poverty and helping the world’s most vulnerable build secure, stable and better lives.

But now, U.S. leadership in foreign aid and America’s 70-year tradition of leading efforts for global security are under threat. Proposals to dismantle America’s foreign assistance structure and investments are advancing in Washington as current and future budgets are proposed to be slashed.

To increase awareness and advocacy in support of America’s vital leadership in addressing poverty and building long-term peace and security, the new CARE Global Leaders Network invites you to participate in an enriching series of Embassy-based programs focusing on global threats and the intertwined roles of U.S. military, diplomatic and humanitarian efforts. The series will bring together nationally recognized leaders to explain the powerful but sometimes unrecognized connections among these efforts that underpin America’s leadership and global progress itself. 


Advisory Board

  • Michelle Nunn
  • Michèle Flournoy
  • Ambassador Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri
  • Ambassador Barbara Bodine
  • Ambassador Dwight Bush
  • Sandra Charles
  • Nicole Clifton
  • David Cooper
  • Dick Crawford
  • Ambassador Gordon Giffin
  • Juleanna Glover
  • Steve Joyce
  • Kevin Nealer
  • Rachel Pearson
  • General Arnold Punaro (USMC, Ret.)
  • Martha Rees
  • Ambassador Daniel Spiegel


"If we want to create security long term, we need investments in disaster relief and development."

Adm. James Stavridis
Former NATO Commander


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