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Message from CARE CEO

CARE CEO Michelle Nunn meets with a woman.

Michelle Nunn country visit to Zambia, Summer 2022

Michelle Nunn country visit to Zambia, Summer 2022

Dear friends,

With heatwaves hitting Europe and North America and U.S cities shrouded in the smoke of Canadian wildfires, the summer of 2023 brought home the reality of climate change to many in the Global North. Yet this reality has been present for some time in the Global South, where climate change has driven drought, flooding, and catastrophic events that have disrupted agriculture while contributing to food insecurity and displacement.

Again and again, we have seen that those least responsible for contributing to climate change are suffering its worst effects. The vast majority, some 80 percent, of those who face climate-induced displacement are women and girls.

As I emphasized at a Climate Equity roundtable in Geneva in June, climate change is a threat multiplier, aggravating economic, political, social, and gender inequality. It has also been a key driver of the global hunger crisis.

With your help, CARE has responded by investing in adaptation and mitigation, working in big and small ways to help individuals and communities build resilient livelihoods and lives. Khadiza Begum, a mother of three from Jamalpur, Bangladesh, shows us what this looks like.

Before Khadiza began participating in CARE’s Farmer Field and Business School program, she and her family were living in a village constantly threatened by river erosion, poor sanitation, and food insecurity.

Filled with knowledge and confidence, this year she rented a small plot of land, away from the sandy riverbank, where she and her husband cultivate pumpkins and onions, and keep a flock of chickens. With additional income she’s built a new house, while also paying all the educational expenses for her daughters. She also tells us that her marriage has also improved, with more equality in decision making.

As our world changes, CARE must change with it, adapting even as we help others adapt. I remain deeply grateful for your support which enables our critical work and impact.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Michelle Nunn
President and CEO, CARE