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BREAKING: Syrians Lose Aid Access as COVID-19 Moves In

A Syrian baby wrapped in blankets wearing a hat.

Humanitarian aid access to Northwest Syria has been reduced, leaving vulnerable lives on the line amid conflict and a global health pandemic.

The United Nations Security Council has reduced cross-border aid to war-torn Syria, effectively shutting down the most direct route to food, shelter, and medical assistance that millions of Syrians depend on for survival.

To make matters even worse, the first case of COVID-19 was just reported in Idlib, Syria. The Security Council’s decision will only increase the suffering of those in need, particularly women and children, and leave lives on the line.

Now is the time to speak up. You can take immediate action and urge your members of Congress to fight for Syrians and all those living in crisis by prioritizing robust, needs-based humanitarian assistance when it’s needed most.

For over nine years, daily life in Syria has been defined by war, displacement, and an interruption to the peace and safety required to build a hopeful future. Millions continue to struggle to survive, fearing for the lives and well-being of loved ones as they wait in limbo for a political solution to this endless conflict.

Syria is among the most dangerous places on Earth and reducing critical aid from reaching the country will have devastating consequences for civilians, especially as preventing and responding to COVID-19 becomes a critical priority.

U.S. leaders have a responsibility to use their power for good — saving lives and reducing suffering worldwide. It’s our responsibility to speak up and ensure the U.S. government continues to be a strong global advocate for crisis affected populations.

Raise your voice and send a letter directly to your members of Congress asking them to provide humanitarian assistance, work to achieve political solutions to crises, and support communities to recover.

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