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End COVID Everywhere

The continued spread of COVID-19 and a rise in global food insecurity demands urgent action from U.S. leaders now.

Mrs. Krouma Deby Clarisse
Nadi Jessica/CARE

COVID-19 knows no borders. The longer the virus continues to spread outside of the U.S., the longer we risk senseless death and economic pressures here at home. At the same time, people around the world are experiencing dramatically rising levels of food insecurity as COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine continue to increase already alarming global hunger rates.

U.S. Congress must pass emergency supplemental funding now that includes $5 billion for global COVID-19 response and $5 billion to address emergency food security needs.

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CARE’s Global Response to COVID-19

CARE launched its largest-ever Crisis Response Campaign in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, CARE’s vital work is aimed at facilitating the fast and fair delivery of COVID vaccines to people in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places.

A preview image of a video showing a healthcare worker, wearing a facemask, helping a baby.

The True Cost of COVID-19

The costs of vaccine inequity are hidden in Americans’ everyday expenses. For example, the average bill on a single grocery store trip in the U.S. is 55% more expensive since COVID-19. Until everyone everywhere, including low- and middle- income countries, has access to vaccines, the price will only keep rising. The longer the pandemic, the more we pay at home. Yet countries around the world face an urgent crisis of resources to get COVID vaccines from tarmacs into arms before they expire.

of Americans have had trouble covering household expenses since COVID-19 began.

The true cost of COVID-19 is not just measured in dollars and cents — nearly 1 million Americans have died of COVID, now the third leading cause of death worldwide.

CARE’s COVID Response

CARE continues to play a central role in combating COVID-19 – with the largest emergency response in our 75-year history, so far reaching 69 of the 100 countries where CARE works. Our achievements to date include:

Clean water supplies

for 4.9 million people

Hygiene kits

containing crucial supplies like soap, hand sanitizer, masks, and sanitary napkins for 4.8 million people.

Nutritious food

for 4.3 million people who face the threat of hunger due to loss of income.

Cash or voucher assistance

enabling 890,000 people to choose what they need most and support local businesses.

Mass media campaigns

reaching nearly 262.8 million people people with information on COVID-19 prevention and services.

Community outreach

engaging 20.6 million people in dialogue to offer COVID-19 prevention education, answer questions, and dispel rumors.

Since vaccines became available, CARE has mobilized resources and expertise to support vaccination campaigns that are efficient, equitable and reach those most at risk, including women and frontline health workers.

CARE’s two-year vaccine initiative will work with national, regional and local governments that are implementing vaccine campaigns, to ensure:

  • Fast and fair vaccine delivery for at least 100 million vulnerable people.
  • Vaccine access for 275,000 frontline health workers who might otherwise have been excluded.
  • Advocacy on behalf of efficient and fair vaccine policy benefiting at least 40 million people in at least 10 countries.

Now is the time to create and resource a roadmap for ending the pandemic, prioritizing the world’s most vulnerable. It’s time to step up and end the pandemic — for everyone.

Ritu Sharma