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How streaming and eSports are supporting Humanitarian Aid

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CARE leads the way to a better life for millions of vulnerable people around the world.

Last year, CARE reached more than 174 million people in 111 countries with humanitarian relief and poverty-fighting programs. Bold ideas and fast action are needed to accelerate progress for women and families around the world.

#CAREgaming works with gamers, streamers, and esports/gaming organizations and has raised almost $3 million to save lives, defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls.

Gamers, Streamers, Esports and Gaming Organizations partnering with #CAREgaming

Gamers and Streamers

​The #CAREgaming program looks to develop relationships to help further support other CARE initiatives.

Join our community of gamers and streamers to help us fight poverty from every angle. People like you have helped us raise funds that have supported disaster relief in areas like Ukraine, Turkey, and Syria. The funds have helped mothers feed their families and people of all genders experience greater gender equality.

By gaming, streaming or vlogging, you too can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families.

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Esports and gaming organizations

It’s amazing to see the power and what a collective group of gamers can accomplish.

Bring your community together for positive action. Collectives like FaZe Clan have helped to raise money for humanitarian aid through their tournaments.

If you have an upcoming competition, please consider CARE as a charity partner.

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A series of social posts from streamers like the Botez sisters, BBJessTTV, and Tracey Cola.
Streamers like the Botez Sisters, BBJessTTV, and Tracey Cola have all created charity streams for CARE USA.

Frequently Asked Questions: What you need to know about #CAREgaming

What is #CAREgaming?

There are over three billion gamers around the world, and many want to leverage their community of followers to bring awareness of global crises and to help those struggling with poverty, hunger and conflict. CARE is so thankful to the amazing streamers and gamers who have raised close to $3 million to save lives, defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls.

How have gamers and streamers helped save lives with their communities?

Every day streamers go live on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms to talk to viewers while playing a game, reviewing content from others or even hosting a tournament. This presents a unique opportunity to talk about charitable causes that are important to the streamer. By using fundraising tools like Brandfluence and Tiltify you can easily turn your stream into a charity event for all their viewers. It’s simple and easy and provides a way to help others in need.

Which platforms does #CAREgaming use?

Currently #CAREgaming partners with Brandfluence and uses Tiltify in fundraising efforts to support initiatives.

Does #CAREgaming work with Esports/Gaming organizations?

Yes. Esports/Gaming organizations are an integral part of the program. The most common way is by naming CARE as the charitable partner in your tournament. Have another idea? We’d love to hear about it. Please contact us by reaching out to Michael Burlingame at michael.burlingame@care.org.

I don’t compete, but I love gaming! How can I help?

You can make a difference in several ways. If you are streaming or vlogging, you can use a partner like Brandfluence to add a fundraising component to your stream. Brandfluence is a free-to-use online fundraising platform that seamlessly integrates into any livestream platform. Anyone, at any time, can create a campaign for their favorite charity. You can get started here.

What types of campaigns could I fundraise around?

You can fundraise around any of your content. A few ideas are:

  • Emergency Response. We never know where disasters will strike. Our disaster relief efforts are always ready. Your support makes this lifesaving work possible.
  • Celebration. Instead of gifts this year, start a birthday, graduation or other special occasion fundraiser.
  • Fitness. Help raise money while tracking your fitness progress and goals.
  • Just Because. Are you passionate about the work CARE does? You can fundraise anytime you are streaming!

Where do donations go? How does CARE receive their donations?

  • CARE’s premiere partner is Brandfluence and they provide the fundraising platform for the stream. However, Brandfluence does not receive or handle any of the donations – all donations are processed through the Givinga Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Givinga then distributes 100% of the donations to CARE.
  • If you are using Tiltify for your fundraising stream, 100% of the donation is then sent directly to CARE in real-time.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Burlingame at michael.burlingame@care.org.

#CAREgaming Solutions for Streamers


Brandfluence is a one-stop-shop fundraising solution for influencer-driven campaigns, covering everything from influencer recruitment and training to giveaway fulfillment and custom campaign development.


A full service fundraising platform that was made for the socially conscious generation.

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