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SuPER Foods

CARE has committed to helping 50 million poor and vulnerable people improve their food and nutrition security and their resilience to climate change by 2020.

How are we going to get there? By working toward SuPER food systems: food systems that are Sustainable, Productive (including Profitable and Nutritious), Equitable, and Resilient.

We focus on building SuPER food systems in four technical pillars – sustainable agriculture, sustainable economies, nutrition, and humanitarian action. Food systems that are fair for current and future generations are:

  • SUSTAINABLE: Grounded in healthy ecosystems; stable, accountable, and enduring institutions; and sustainable financing.
  • PRODUCTIVE: Increase smallholder farmers’ production levels and the profit earned through intensification that increases returns on investment – including that of labor – by farmers; result in nutritionally balanced diets; and are climate “smart.”
  • EQUITABLE: Enable equal rights, opportunities, resources, and rewards for the poor and vulnerable, with a special focus on the needs and constraints of women and on supporting access to affordable, nutritious food for rural and urban consumers. This includes equality within the household, within communities, and across local and global value chains.
  • RESILIENT: Allow individuals, families, communities, and systems to be able to withstand shocks and stresses, including climate impacts and other risks.

Learn more in CARE’s SuPER Food Systems: 4 Principles to End Hunger, a 14-page brief that provides examples of CARE’s SuPER principles at work and shows how our program evidence supports the idea that making programs Sustainable, Productive, Equitable, and Resilient will help us end hunger. Case studies from 10 programs in 16 countries demonstrate the impact of applying the SuPER principles.


SuPER Food Systems

This 2 page brief highlights key evidence on CARE's SuPER approach and explains the 4 principles that CARE uses to design interventions to fix broken food systems.

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SuPER Food Systems: 4 Principles to End Hunger

This 14-page brief presents evidence from 10 programs in 16 countries that using SuPER principles delivers food and nutrition security and climate resilience for the poorest of the poor.

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