Child Survival

Reaching New Heights – Literally!

When the results of an innovative program in Bangladesh to fight child malnutrition came back, the results were shocking.


Helping Children Survive - and Thrive

This year, more than 7 million children will die before they turn 5 years old.

Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday!

But, this year, more than 7 million children will die before they hit that milestone.

Nearly all of these deaths occur in poor countries and almost every one of them can be prevented.

The good news is that low-cost interventions, such as adequate nutrition, bed nets and skilled health workers, keep children alive. In fact, child mortality rates have dropped 70 percent during the past 50 years.

Join CARE on our mission to help all children survive – and thrive!

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See how we’re helping kids live by fighting malnutrition and hunger.

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See how we’re reducing child malnutrition in Bangladesh.

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What do mobile phones have to do with keeping kids healthy?

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We can end preventable childhood deaths in our lifetime. 

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Did You Know?

Children born 3-5 years apart are twice as likely to make it to age 5 as those born closer together.

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When a mom dies, her children are more likely to die, too.

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See how we help women in Rwanda improve their children’s health.

Aurelia’s Story

In the community of Tambobamba, Peru, one in five children under the age of 3 are chronically malnourished. See how CARE's Window of Opportunity program is turning things around.

Fanta’s Story

Unfortunately, like so many young children in Sierra Leone, Fanta’s first son died. Fanta explains, “I introduced the child to water and bottle feeding from the time he was a week old. I know now that this is the wrong practice.”

The Window of Opportunity

A child’s future is shaped within their first 1,000 days.

Learn More About SHOUHARDO

Interventions such as CARE's SHOUHARDO program in Bangladesh, provide lifesaving services to mothers and their children.

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