ILO Convention


ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment

CARE aims to ensure all women working in the garment industry are safe, respected and valued at work. Reports from our programs show as many as 1 in 2 women employed in garment factories report they have experienced harassment at work.* This has huge social and economic consequences; an ILO study estimates losses from stress and violence in the workplace at 1-3.5% of GDP.**

We supported adoption of the ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment, a global law focused specifically on preventing violence and harassment in the world of work which was formally adopted at the International Labour Conference in June 2019.

Once included in national laws, these new standards will enable millions of women around the world to better speak out about abuse, encourage employers to take action and hold perpetrators to account. We believe this is particularly relevant for an industry where 75% of workers globally are women.

Learn more about the Convention on CARE Insights. 


Our Influence

We build alliances and support campaigns alongside our civil society and trade union allies in countries across the globe. In a number of countries across Asia we have evidence this influenced support for the Convention among worker, government and employer representatives.

Learn more about CARE's engagement with the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention in Asia in the Made by Women Impact Report 2019.

See the impact of CARE's engagement with workers, employers and government representatives in Pakistan. 


Ongoing advocacy

Global legislation was the first step; now we’re continuing to work at national level to encourage ratification and promote alignment with the Convention within national laws.


*On the ground reports from CARE’s projects show that at least 1 in 2 women workers in garment factories in South-East have experienced sexual harassment. For further information on this research please contact the Made by Women team.

**Hoel et al., International Labour Organization The Cost of Violence/Stress at Work and the Benefits of a Violence/Stress-Free Working Environment, 2001.

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