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SDG5 Playbook

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The world has set a goal of achieving gender equality by 2030.

At the current pace of progress, we are over 100 years away from achieving this goal.

This playbook is intended to assist companies and their employees understand what actions they can take to help achieve gender equality as defined by Sustainable Development Goal #5.

Why It Matters

Why a Private Sector Playbook?

The private sector plays an important role in eliminating gender gaps and empowering women.

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Why Should Businesses Act?

The evidence is clear: Empowering women and increasing gender diversity leads to better business outcomes.

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The Case for Supporting Women and Girls

The economic and social benefits of gender equality require focusing on women and girls.

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The Playbook

In the Field

Do you work for a company that grows, makes, delivers, sells products that start “in the field”?

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In the Factory

If your company produces product in a factory, then this section is for you!

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In the Office

Recommended actions for those who lead work in traditional office environments.

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In the Supply Chain

Actions to take to ensure that your company’s supplier and procurement decisions help achieve gender equality.

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In Advocacy

Use your company’s government and policy advocacy to achieve gender equality.

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In the Community

Put your philanthropy and employee engagement to work for gender equality.

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