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20 Stories That Inspired Us in 2021

A group of Sudanese women in colorful clothing

CARE Sudan Staff

CARE Sudan Staff

In a difficult year, these stories offered hope, strength and inspiration.

Aspiring photographer and Vanuatu Photo Project participant Ann-Ruth has her portrait made by mentor Valerie Fernandez.

1. The Vanuatu Photo Project: Meet the Photographers and Hear Their Stories

Follow the journey of four aspiring young ni-Vanuatu women photographers, eight participants in CARE Vanuatu’s Young Women’s Leadership Program, and one professional photography mentor. Read More.

Five women hold climate change signs.
Courtesy Shakila Islam

2. 5 Questions for 5 Young Climate Leaders

CARE stands with women and girls on the frontlines of the climate emergency. Read More.

Nurse Sandra Lindsay made history as the first person in the U.S. to receive the COVID vaccine.
Photo: CARE

3. How Nurse Sandra Lindsay Is Helping Defeat the Pandemic One Shot at a Time

Sandra Lindsay made history as the first person in the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Now she is sharing her experience in the hopes of encouraging others to get the vaccine and defeat the pandemic here at home and around the world. Read More.

A health care worker in PPE holds a syringe.
Photo: Srinivas Panicker/CARE

4. India’s Second COVID-19 Wave: CARE’s Emergency Response in Photos

As a new coronavirus variant challenges India’s healthcare system and exacerbates inequalities, CARE is working to set up health centers for the most vulnerable. Read More.

David Mutua/CARE

5. This Woman Stopped Making Dresses and Started Sewing Masks to Help Fight COVID in DRC

As of September 2021, Françoise Mbweki had made 1,000 masks to help protect her community. Read More.

A woman smiles while holding a basket filled with small gifts.
CARE Pakistan

6. How Fouzia Qazi is Blazing Trails for Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, only 1% of women are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, as opposed to 21% of men. Read More.

©Delil Souleiman/CARE

7. This Family Gym in Northeast Syria is Fostering Wellbeing in a Warzone

In Northeast Syria the war has destroyed a lot of green spaces and recreational activities have been halted in many places. Read More.

A young Afghan woman looks over her shoulder. Most of her face is covered by a green and red floral headscarf.

8. CARE Package NFT Project Delivers Urgent Humanitarian Aid to Afghan Families in Need

Against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s deepening humanitarian crisis, an edition of nonfungible token (NFT) “CARE Packages” has raised more than $200,000 so far to help Afghans in need. Read More.

Laura Noel/CARE

9. Power Outages and Water Shortages: Houston Emergency Response in Photos

Houstonians were in need of clean drinking water, basic supplies after a historic winter storm in Texas led to widespread power outages. Read More.

Three Yemeni boys wearing masks stand in front of a sanitation gate at their school
CARE Yemen

10. Young Yemenis Create Innovative Solutions to Tackle COVID-19 in Their Communities

From the loss of income to disrupted education, COVID-19 has drastically changed the lives of young people around the world. In the southern Yemeni city of Aden, youth are finding innovative ways to help their communities cope with this new reality. Read More.

Ana Buitron

11. How to Stop the Spike in Maternal Mortality Caused by COVID-19

Julieth Zabrano faced overstrained health systems and xenophobia while seeking prenatal care after leaving Venezuela for Colombia. Read More.


12. This Syrian Nurse is Making Sure Babies get the Health Care They Need

Displaced from her own home due to the conflict, Samah is helping make health care available to those who need it most in Syria. Read More.

A Black woman wearing a red and orange striped shirt smiles
CARE Burundi

13. Meet the Burundian Chief Tackling Violence Against Women

Dissatisfied with the way women’s issues took a back seat in her community, Sylvie ran for office — and won. Read More.

CARE Niger

14. Displaced by Crises, These Women are Reclaiming Their Rights, Challenging Social Norms and Leading Their Communities

For World Refugee Day, CARE International’s Secretary General shares stories of strength and resilience from displaced women around the world. Read More.

A group of Sudanese women in colorful clothing
CARE Sudan Staff

15. Meet the Entrepreneur Fighting for Change in East Darfur

In her own words, Hawa shares how she grew the confidence to “speak out like a man” and captured the attention of other tribes. Read More.

A Black woman wearing blue medical scrubs handles a COVID-19 vaccine.

16. How COVID-19 Vaccines Make It The Last Mile Around the World

The world was able to administer 1 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine within 4 months of starting widespread vaccination campaigns. CARE is jumping in to support vaccination efforts in 23 countries around the world. Read More.

A woman stands in front of a wall covered in flyers and graffiti.
Milad Ayoub/CARE Lebanon

17. Panic Attacks, Recovery and Mourning: Life in Beirut One Year After Port Explosions

Ritta Hanna recalls the day she nearly died, her life changed forever. Read More.

Three mockups of sample Facebook image and video posts on iPhones on a light purple background.

18. COVID-19 and Social Media: Using Facebook to Drive Social and Behavioral Change in 19 Countries

Through a groundbreaking partnership with Facebook, CARE Country Offices have begun to understand what kind of messaging works best to increase COVID prevention behaviors and vaccine acceptance. Read More.

Women wait in line to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Bangladesh
CARE Bangladesh

19. As Omicron risk rises, CARE delivers COVID-19 vaccines to 126 million people

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 creating unknown risks around the world sadly proves what we have known for a long time: no one is safe until everyone is safe. Read More.


20. How This Woman Entrepreneur in Peru is Keeping her Amazonian Heritage Alive

Through her family’s artisan business in Peru, Mery Neli Salazar Pedro celebrates her Amazonian identity. Read More.

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