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Collective Impact for Nutrition

Collective Impact for Nutrition aims to eradicate stunting through the power of collective impact in Benin and Bangladesh. It builds on CARE’s successes and learning experiences from Nutrition at the Center, a five-year direct-implementation program.


Through a decade of implementing nutrition programming in partnership with the Sall Family Foundation, including the five-year Nutrition at the Center program, CARE gained significant experience in improving nutritional outcomes for mothers and children. We understand that to eradicate stunting, we must move from direct implementation of traditional projects to convening and coordinating partners for joint implementation of CARE’s proven program model. We also must couple this approach with national-level advocacy to prevent stunting. We are identifying partner institutions on the ground, including government counterparts, and bringing them together to address collectively the causes of stunting. This new approach, Collective Impact for Nutrition, allows us to sustainably expand impact far beyond what has been possible through direct implementation. In Benin and Bangladesh, collective action to eradicate stunting has the potential to reach 5.4 million.

Program achievements

In Benin, best practices from Nutrition at the Center led to a government invitation to support the development of its national nutrition program. This program replicates the CARE model in 40 communes and is expected to reach over 2.5 million women of reproductive age and children under the age of 2.



women of reproductive age and children under the age of 2 expected to be reached

In Bangladesh, the Nutrition at the Center project successfully piloted sub-district-level nutrition coordination committees, leading the Government of Bangladesh to include nationwide scale-up of this model in its Second National Plan of Action for Nutrition (2016-2025). This success contributed to Collective Impact for Nutrition, and through CARE, has since provided technical support to the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council for the development of operational guidelines for the district and sub-district nutrition coordination committee.