CARE's Top 10 Tips for World Leaders Attending the London Summit on Family Planning

CARE's Top 10 Tips for World Leaders Attending the London Summit on Family Planning

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Gender equality cannot be achieved if women cannot control if and when they have children. As world leaders convene on July 11, 2012, for the family planning summit, CARE offers our Top 10 Tips on how to meet the family planning needs of women in the world’s poorest countries by 2020.  

1. Universal access to contraception saves women's lives!

This would mean 25% fewer maternal deaths, actually.

2. STOP discussing whether or not family planning is a human right. 

Everyone already agreed it WAS in the 1994 Cario Programme of Action.

3. Family planning isn't just about condoms (or the pill, or IUDs).

It's about EMPOWERING women to make choices about their own health.

4. ...and women (and communities) must be involved

in designing what those choices should be.

5. Family planning leads to healthier, wealthier and better educated families.

Family planning fights poverty, supports progress to meeting the Millennium Development Goals!

6. People don't stop having sex during emergencies.

But they do lose access to family planning services. Make this part of emergency response.

7. Rape is used as a weapon.

Any emergencey response must also include emergency contraception and support for survivors.

8. Pregnancy is a leading killer of girls aged 15-19 years old in developing countries.

Childrent shouldn't have children. Children should be in school.

9. Build up healthcare systems and break down social barriers:

Lack of education or health information for women and girls, violence against women, cultural discrimination, etc.

10. Deliver on your promises.

And measure your results

To learn more and hear about how we're already making this work, read CARE's report on family planning:
Women's Lives, Women's Voices: Empowering women to ensure family planning coverage, quality and equity.