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IMAGINE (also available in French)

Joint Programme

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Social Analysis and Action (SAA) Resources

SAA Overview Brief
Provides the basics of what the SAA process looks like and how it is implemented.

SAA Global Implementation Manual
Provides an in-depth description of SAA core tools and adaptation of those tools for each step of the SAA process and an introduction to monitoring, evaluation, and learning for SAA.

SAA Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
Provides guidance to implementers of SAA who are seeking to develop or strengthen their program’s comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework to include SAA and gain a deeper understanding of the changes facilitated by using the model.

SAA Ideas and Action (also available in French and Spanish)
This publication, designed for CARE program planners and managers and focused on sexual and reproductive health, explains SAA at both a conceptual and practical level (includes description of SAA process, case studies, and tools).

SAA Staff Reflection Guide

Guidance for Pairing SAA with Community Score Card


Community Score Card (CSC) Resources

CSC Overview Brief

Growing Promise Brief (CSC and Reproductive Health Outcomes in Malawi)

CSC Toolkit (also available in French)

CSC Implementation Guidance Notes

Evidence of Impact: Stories from the Field

Making every voice count through the Community Score Card approach

Raising the Score (videos)


WE-MEASR Resources

Overview Brief



Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Addressing social and gender norms to improve uptake of maternal health services in Mali: a descriptive study of CARE’s Project Hope for Mothers and Newborns* (Kuzara et al., 2018)

Community dialogue to shift social norms and enable family planning: an evaluation of the family planning results initiative in Kenya (Wegs, Creanga, Galavotti, & Wamalaw, 2016)

Continuum of care services for maternal and child health using mobile technology – a health system strengthening strategy in low and middle income countries (Balakrishnan, Gopichandran, Chaturvedi, Chatterjee, Mahapatra, & Indrajit Chaudhuri, 2016)

Contraceptive availability leads to increase in use in conflict-affected DRC: Evidence from cross-sectional cluster surveys, facility assessments and service statistics (Casey & Tshipamba, 2017)

Creating spaces for dialogue: a cluster-randomized evaluation of CARE's Community Score Card on health governance outcomes (Gullo et al., 2018)

Delivering high-quality family planning services in crisis-affected settings I: Program implementation (Curry, Rattan, Nzau, & Giri, 2015)

Delivering high-quality family planning services in crisis-affected settings II: Results (Curry, Rattan, Huang, & Noznesky, 2015)

Effects of a social accountability approach, CARE's Community Score Card, on reproductive health-related outcomes in Malawi: a cluster-randomized controlled evaluation (Gullo, Galavotti, Sebert Kuhlmann, Msiska, Hastings, & Marti, 2017)

Impact of a nursing skill-improvement intervention on newborn-specific delivery practices: an experience from Bihar, India* (Das et al., 2016)

An impact evaluation of the Safe Motherhood Promotion Project in Bangladesh: Evidence from Japanese aid-funded technical cooperation* (Kamiya, Yoshimura, & Islam, 2013)

The influence of seasonality and community-based health worker provided counselling on exclusive breastfeeding – Findings from a cross-sectional survey in India (Das, Chatterjee, Karthick, Mahapatra, & Chaudhuri, 2016)

Institutionalizing community-focused maternal, newborn, and child health strategies to strengthen health systems: A new framework for the Sustainable Development Goal era (Story et al., 2017)

“It is a thing that depends on God”: barriers to delaying first birth and pursuing alternative futures among newly married adolescent girls in Niger (Samandari, Grant, Brent, & Gullo, 2019)

Is quality of care a key predictor of perinatal health care utilization and patient satisfaction in Malawi? (Creanga, Gullo, Sebert Kuhlmann, Msiska, & Galavotti, 2017)

"Provide care for everyone please": Engaging community leaders as sexual and reproductive health advocates in North and South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Steven et al., 2019)

Rapid contraceptive uptake and changing method mix with high use of long-acting reversible contraceptives in crisis-affected populations in Chad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Rattan, Noznesky, Curry, Galavotti, Hwang, & Rodriguez, 2016)

Reasons for preference of home delivery with traditional birth attendants in rural Bangladesh: A qualitative exploration (Sarker, Rahman, Rahman, Hossain, Reichenbach, & Mitra, 2016)

A review of CARE’s Community Score Card experience and evidence (Gullo, Galavotti, & Altman, 2016)

Successful programmatic approaches to facilitating IUD uptake: CARE's experience in DRC (Castle, Schroffel, Mvuezolo, Mupenda, Mumbere, & Shapiro, 2019)

"They love their patients": Client perceptions of quality of postabortion care in North and South Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Deitch et al., 2019)

Transforming policy through evidence: A new family planning policy in Chad (Schroeffel & Nzau, 2016)

Understanding the black box: A systematic review of the measurement of the community mobilization process in evaluations of interventions targeting sexual, reproductive, and maternal health* (Altman, Sebert Kuhlmann, & Galavotti, 2015)

'We pledge to improve the health of our entire community': Improving health worker motivation and performance in Bihar, India through teamwork, recognition, and non-financial incentives (Grant et al., 2018)

Women’s and health workers’ voices in open, inclusive communities and effective spaces (VOICES): Measuring governance outcomes in reproductive and maternal health programmes (Sebert Kuhlmann, Gullo, Galavotti, Grant, Cavatore, & Posnock, 2017)

Worth the effort? Combining sexual and reproductive health and economic empowerment programming for married adolescent girls in Amhara, Ethiopia* (Edmeades, Lantos, & Mekuria, 2016)

“You must first save her life”: community perceptions towards induced abortion and post-abortion care in North and South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Casey et al., 2019)

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Other CARE Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Publications

Annual progress reports: 2017, 2016, 2015

Overview of CARE’s Approach to SRHR

The Path to 2020: Delivering Transformative, Rights-Based Family Planning (PDF version here)
This report highlights CARE’s progress in expanding access to family planning for women and girls since 2012.


IAWG reports

CARE is a member of the steering committee for the Interagency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Crises (IAWG), and contributed to the following publication:

Family planning saves lives and promotes resilience in humanitarian contexts
This paper identifies collaborative solutions and actions for the 2017 Family Planning Summit and beyond.