Market Access

Markets Are a Driving Force in Everyone's Life.

We're helping people around the world access markets.

Whether you go to work and earn a salary or you’re an entrepreneur running your own business, you work in a market to earn a living – and you rely on the market to access the goods and services you need to support your family and enjoy your life.

Poor people around the world are no different. There are hundreds of millions of poor women smallholder farmers who struggle everyday to put food on the table. CARE has been working in these communities for decades and understands that it is not only training and capacity building that they need – and it's also not just handouts and charity.

The rural poor need access to the agricultural inputs and services they need to increase their harvests. They need access to buyers to sell their crops at fair prices. And they need access to products, services like healthcare and education, and household goods to provide their families with the lives they deserve.

CARE is leading a movement to better respond to these needs. We’re helping not only to build the skills of poor farmers but creating more inclusive markets and strengthening the links between poor people and the businesses they need in order to improve their lives and escape poverty.

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See how CARE's Pathways program is changing women’s lives in Malawi.

Access Approved

Equal access to financial tools and resources is nonexistent for millions of women around the world. It shouldn’t be. Through CARE's Access Approved campaign, women from Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Jordan and Peru tell banks what they think is needed to open up access to finance for women.

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