The picture of opportunity and hunger is decidedly female.

Beyond the resource gap, women farmers are routinely paid less than men for their agricultural labor; carry a disproportionate share of household workloads; are often excluded from agricultural decision making; and are under-represented in agricultural organizations. The net impact of these barriers is a systematic gap between women’s potential contributions to food security and household resilience and what they are able to achieve today. By failing to close the gender gap in agriculture, the world is paying dearly.

Our programs build on – and are inspired by – the vital roles that women play in smallholder agriculture around the world, meeting the food needs of their households and contributing to the development and growth of their livelihoods and sustainable futures for their households and communities.


CARE's agriculture projects focus on Sustainable Agriculture practices that provide opportunities for women farmers.


Our programs build on – and are inspired by – the vital roles that women play in smallholder agriculture around the world.


Find out what we’re learning about how to create the most impact for our investment, and how farmers can have the best benefits for their efforts.


CARE partners with a range of research institutions, the UN system, local governments, and donors to maximize our impact for farmers around the world.

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