Agriculture Models

Our programs build on – and are inspired by – the vital roles that women play in smallholder agriculture around the world, meeting the food needs of their households and contributing to the development and growth of their livelihoods and sustainable futures for their households and communities.

Our Models

Farmer's Field and Business School (FFBS)
The Farmers' Field and Business Schools are a product of the CARE Pathways program, and focus on a learning by doing approach, putting farmers at the heart of learning and decision-making around new agricultural techniques.

Participatory Performance Tracker (PPT)
The PPT tool allows groups and individuals to evaluate project outcomes, behavior change, and barriers to success.

SuPER Foods
CARE has committed to helping 50 million poor and vulnerable people improve their food and nutrition security and their resilience to climate change by 2020. How are we going to get there? By working toward SuPER food systems: food systems that are Sustainable, Productive (including Profitable and Nutritious), Equitable, and Resilient.

Social Analysis and Action (SAA)
CARE's manual for addressing gender and social norm barriers to promote gender transformative changes in Food and Nutrition Security programming. 

FNS - Agriculture Models

Agriculture Partnerships

Take a look at who we work with.

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Sebastian Soares, 38 years, with his eggplant crop, planted as part of CARE's Healthy Villages program in Timor-Leste.

FNS - Agriculture Models

Agriculture Projects

CARE runs 394 agriculture projects around the world.

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A photograph of Emily Makalipeni, 22 years old, taken among her crops in Sakonzeka Village, Dowa District, Malawi. Emily was a CARE volunteer and Farmer-to-Farmer Trainer.

FNS - Agriculture Models

Agriculture Publications

Find what CARE is learning about agriculture.

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Weterson Mulima plants a new crop of peas in a field in Malawi's southern district of Nsanje.